Call for support to Ukraine and ways to take action


The war in Ukraine has shaken Europe to its very core, threatening freedom, peace and democracy.

The Liveurope platform was created out of an appetite to bring Europeans closer together through music and culture, and as such, we welcome the recent waves of European solidarity and cooperation that have emerged in reaction to these unjustified and unprovoked attacks. This crisis is showing us the strength and cohesion that the European Union can deploy in record time and that together we can form a united front to defend our shared values.

We need to stand united to support Ukrainian citizens, artists, cultural professionals and all those affected by this invasion. We cannot forget that this war does not represent the will of all Russians and we urge those opposing this aggression to continue being vocal.

Below you will find some of the meaningful actions that are being organised by the music and cultural sector in response to the crisis, as well as ways you can provide assistance to the people of Ukraine. 

Join these events and fundraisings organised by the Liveurope venues 

The Liveurope venues in the region have quickly developed new activities to raise money to support Ukraine, and to put their resources and premises at the disposal of refugees. We have summarised below their ongoing efforts and will continue updating this page as the crisis continues to unfold.

Nová Cvernovka (Bratislava) have put their artists’ accommodation facilities at the disposal of Ukrainian refugees, helped organise the benefit festival Koncert pre Ukrajinu (Concert for Ukraine), and are hosting a series of film screenings, theatre pieces and debates on the crisis. 

Palác Akropolis (Prague) are organising the Rap Pro Ukrajinu  (Rap for Ukraine) concert evening with all proceeds going directly to Ukrainians in need.

Stodoła (Warsaw) are collecting donations for food, clothes, medication and other urgent items.

Endorse this letter from the European cultural community 

A group of European cultural organisations came together to call on world leaders to support cultural cooperation with Ukraine at all costs. We have proudly endorsed the open letter and urge other organisations, cultural professionals and citizens to sign it too.

Call for support from Music Export Ukraine

Music Export Ukraine has created a collection of resources and information on how the music sector can help the people of Ukraine through the crisis. Find all information through this link.

Image: Koncert pre Ukrajinu (Concert for Ukraine) organised by Pohoda Festival with support from Nová Cvernovka. Photo by Ondřej Košík