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"Can you imagine that without Europe it would be impossible to be doing what we're doing?"
Laura Snapes: 'There's still so much we can learn from how Europe does music.'
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'Culture makes people realize that borders are neither effective nor interesting' Kornél Kovács
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Kino Šiška
Folk singer-songwriter Agata Karczewska draws inspiration from musicians such as Laura Marling and Elliott Smith, describing her sound as “musical minimalism”, where a mere guitar and vocals are u
The French rapper from the North-East side of Paris MHD can be considered as a forerunner for Afro rap, a mix between African music & trap music.  A support act for French rapper Booba, he released his first debut album in 2016 and has been starting to tour abroad since, with shows at Vi
Kino Šiška
After finding himself without a band overnight, Zagreb native Ivan Lulić decided to set off down his own musical path.
Village Underground
When they created the label From Another Mind, SHDW & Obscure Shape in 2014, SHDW & Obscure Shape wanted to bring the light on their favourite artists of their hometown Stuttgart.
Ancienne Belgique
IAMDDB is one of the most self-assured artists of her generation, she proved that over the past 2 years with the EP’s ‘Waeveybby, volume 1’ and ‘Vibe, volume 2’. The 21-year-old vocalist from Manchester has made her mark with her music, by mixing trap with hip-hop, soul and urban jazz.