Out, loud, and proud: celebrate pride month with our new playlist!

Ivo Dimchev (BU) playing at the Liveurope Festival 2023
Ivo Dimchev (BU) playing at the Liveurope Festival 2023

Join us in celebrating Pride Month with our playlist curated by the Liveurope programmers. This handpicked selection shines a spotlight on some of Europe's most promising up-and-coming LGBTQIA+ artists, representing a stunning array of musical genres and identities.

This playlist throws the spotlight on the vibrant creativity and talent of emerging LGBTQIA+ talent, bringing their unique stories and perspectives to the forefront.

From pop anthems to indie, folk, and techno melodies, let the music transport you through the diversity of the European continent. 

Happy Pride Month!

Listen to the playlist on DeezerSpotify or Youtube.

image of Inês Henriques
Inês Henriques
image of Tamara G. Cascales
Tamara G. Cascales
Sala Apolo
image of Nik Drozg
Nik Drozg
Kino Šiška
image of Astrid De Sterck
Astrid De Sterck
image of Margarita Arsova
Margarita Arsova
image of Agnieszka Maury
Agnieszka Maury
image of Felix Schneegans
Felix Schneegans
image of Petra Ludvíková
Petra Ludvíková
Palác Akropolis
image of Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw
image of Laura Tandarić
Laura Tandarić
image of Madleen Teetsov
Madleen Teetsov
image of Zsuzsanna Bende
Zsuzsanna Bende
image of Sydney Schelvis
Sydney Schelvis