Latest Covid-19 update on the Liveurope venues


The second wave of Covid-19 has hit Europe hard, and music venues throughout the continent are certainly not spared. Currently all the 16 venues part of our platform have closed their doors (once again) as a consequence of the pandemic.

The Liveurope venues have been nothing but resilient these past months. They have been continually finding new ways to connect with their audiences, resorting to creativity to imagine new ways to support local and international artists, and taking part in advocacy actions to defend the sector – all while having to adapt to the ever-changing sanitary regulations.

Many of the venues that managed to reopen after the first pandemic wave were operating with significant financial losses. Their conviction that audiences need to experience live music more than ever after months of isolation and hardship, however, has kept them eager to continue fulfilling their core mission. But now, faced with uncertainty to when they will be able to resume their activities fully, many face the threat of never reopening again.

We would like to express our full support and solidarity with all the music venues, operators and artists to navigate the troubled waters as the measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 are tightened.

Here is an update on each of our venues (last updated on 7 December 2020):

A38 (HU): temporarily closed. More info.

Ancienne Belgique (BE): temporarily closed until at least January 2021. More info.

Blå (NO): temporarily closed. More info.

Debaser (SE): temporarily closed. More info.

FZW (DE): temporarily closed. More info.

Kino Šiška (SI): temporarily closed but hosting weekly concerts streams without a physical audience. More info.

L'aéronef (FR): temporarily closed. More info.

Melkweg (NL): temporarily closed until at least the end of 2020. More info.

Musicbox (PT): temporarily closed. More info.

Palác Akropolis (CZ): temporarily closed. More info

Rockhal (LU): temporarily closed. More info.

Sala Apolo (ES): temporarily closed until further notice. More info.

Stodoła (PL): temporarily not hosting concerts with an audience. More info.

Santeria Toscana 31 (IT): temporarily closed. More info.

VEGA (DK): temporarily closed until January 2020. More info.

Village Underground (UK): temporarily closed. More info.

Image in banner: Ancienne Belgique by Kmeron.