Together with Institut Ramon Llull, we launched Soundcat with the aim of providing more opportunities for emerging artists from Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia to tour in the Liveurope circuit.

In addition to the support our members receive through our Creative Europe grant, Institut Ramon Llull provides the Liveurope venues with extra financial incentives when they book promising Catalan acts. 

Since the start of the partnership in 2019, over 20 artists have toured with the support of Soundcat, including the electrofunk duo Tversky, singer-songwriter Nuria Graham, and pop-folk singer Anna Andreu. You can read stories featuring some of these artists below.

During the pandemic, the support of Institut Ramon Llull was instrumental to test new formats to support new European talent. Soundcat allowed two Catalan artists to take part in artistic residencies and collaborate with other European artists, as well as the recording of a pocket concert with Stay Homas that was broadcast during our Europe Day campaign organised with EBU – European Broadcasting Union.

Initiatives such as Soundcat have the immense potential to bring professionals from abroad closer to a specific music scene. It allows bookers like me to get exposed to music beyond our comfort zone and get financial incentives so our audiences can know it too.

Kurt Overbergh,
artistic director of Ancienne Belgique

La realidad supera a la ficción hasta tal punto que este sábado tocamos en Budapest (…). Thanks Liveurope.

Catalan indie pop band

Institutions like Ramon Llull and Liveurope are essential for the arts. If we want to make Europe a leader in culture and arts, it's very important to have this type of help and funding from organisations.

Catalan electrofunk duo

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