Europe’s most iconic music venues are teaming up with public radio stations all over the continent to celebrate Europe Day through music, culture & creativity.

The Liveurope venues have recorded exclusive sets with some of the most promising artists out there which will be broadcast by the EBU stations all through May. Tune in to your favourite radio for special broadcasts and watch the full recordings of the showcases below!

Message in a bottle

Ahead of May 9, we have asked key European figures to deliver a short message expressing why they believe in Europe. Check out what they had to say:

Liveurope Talks

In order to complete this celebration of European culture and diversity, Liveurope organised a roundtable on the 6th of May with key figures who helped turn the Europe Day campaign into a reality. After a quick intro to the campaign, the speakers jumped into discussions on the future of the European music scene post-pandemic.


David Numwami, artist
Joris Jonckheer, Head of Music at Studio Brussel
Fiona Deuss Frandi, Project adviser - Music, European Commission
Elise Phamgia, Liveurope General Coordinator


Diego Velazquez, Correspondent for the Luxemburger Wort

EBU radios: