A quick chat with snüff (IT) before their first gig in Croatia


Our colleagues at Močvara sat down for a quick chat with the Italian band snüff before their very first gig in Croatia. Thanks to the Liveurope slow mobility tool, Močvara could partner with Klub Kocka in Split and Klub Kulture in Križevci to secure two extra dates for the band and make their debut in the Croatian music scene a memorable one.  

Tell us about yourselves and what has influenced your music! 

We are snüff, a trio from Padua, a city in northern Italy. We are Giorgia (drums, voice), Andrea (guitar, voice) and Alessandro (bass). 

We love bands like The Velvet Underground, The Vaselines, King Missile and many others because they write great songs and deliver them with minimal means, somehow highlighting how good those songs are at their core and getting to you in an effective and direct way. 

When did you meet, and how did your musical journey start? 

We met a few years ago in a local club, Circolo Nadir, where we’ve been volunteering since then. Circolo Nadir attracts many different kinds of musicians and music lovers, so it has been the perfect environment to meet, share our musical tastes, discover our musical affinity and finally (one year ago) start playing together. 

Have you played in Croatia before? What do you expect from your gig tonight at Močvara? 

None of us had ever played in Croatia before. We are not 100% sure what to expect as we don’t know the local music scene very well. It’s hard to imagine what kind of people we will meet and how they will respond to our music, but this is one of the reasons we tour: to meet new people, discover new places and music and be surprised every day. 

Apart from your show at Močvara tonight, you are also set to play in two other Croatian venues in Split and Križevci, with the support of Liveurope. How important are initiatives like Liveurope for our sector? 

We think it’s great to have an organisation supporting live music venues to promote music diversity, especially since we know how difficult it is to run a live music venue nowadays. Having a network for European venues not only allows them to collaborate but also to support musicians all around Europe.  

If you could choose any place in the world where you could play, where would it be? 

Playing at the SXSW would be nice. 

What are your plans for the future? 

In the next months, we plan to release a 7”. We are also planning another tour for the next spring, and in the meantime, we want to write some more songs.