Established in 2019 with funding from the Nordic Culture Fund, Above 55° strengthens the Nordic dimension of Liveurope. 

The initiative supports the Liveurope venues in their efforts to boost the promotion of Nordic talent across Europe. It provides up-and-coming Nordic artists with opportunities to play in iconic concert halls, increasing their visibility in the international live music circuit and helping them find new audiences in the four corners of the European continent. In its first phase (2019 – 2022), Above 55° supported nearly 70 Nordic artists to play in 18 European countries.

As part of Above 55°, we also regularly host gatherings for the Liveurope venues in different Nordic countries to foster tighter connections between the region and the rest of the continent.

The initiative is coordinated by Liveurope in close cooperation with our three Nordic venues: Blå (Oslo), Debaser (Stockholm) & VEGA (Copenhagen). Above 55° gets its name from the geographic latitude at or above which all Nordic countries lie.

For an artist from, say, Norway, to go to another European country and know that they have a good venue to play at,  is fantastic.

Malin Pettersen,
Norwegian Americana singer

There is so much potential talent up here in the Nordic territory and, after a few years of exchanging artists between Debaser, Blå and VEGA, Above 55° gives us the opportunity to share our favourite emerging artists with the rest of Europe.

Micke Lindevall,
artistic director at Debaser

Music is a magical thing that can help build bridges between people and different cultures, and Liveurope is a great initiative that enables this.

Danish Cybercroon duo

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