New Are We Europe article series puts the spotlight on three different music scenes of Europe


Nothing has shaken the European music scene like COVID-19 has, reducing a seemingly borderless continent into city-states of a novel kind. Drastic loss of incomes, impossibility to tour, and reimagining their roles in a delicate ecosystem and societies at large are just a few of the challenges venues, artists and music operators alike have to face. The situation also varies widely between countries and regions throughout Europe, with some public authorities offering support to keep their local cultural sectors afloat while others are left to fight on their own. 

In order to highlight and contrast how different music scenes around Europe are facing up to the challenges brought on by the crisis, we have partnered with Are We Europe to have a closer look at the realities of the music scenes in three different cities: Barcelona, Copenhagen and Ljubljana. 

Through a series of interviews with professionals behind the Liveurope venues in each city and promising local artists, the series looks at the state of affairs in each region and shows the game-changing effects of the closure of borders on actors whose very core DNA lies in international mobility and collaboration. It reveals a sector that, despite the many challenges and sometimes lack of adequate public support, has been finding new ways to develop different activities to remain active and engaged with their local communities.

You can read the articles in full length through this link: