Let us celebrate women’s empowerment and voices with our fresh IWD playlist

Nina Kahout at Palac Akropolis

For this important day of raising awareness and celebrating girls and women across the world, we want to throw the spotlight on the female acts who are leaving their mark on the European music ecosystem.

In honor of International Women’s Day, our venue’s bookers have come together to curate a playlist filled with the next generation of European female artists and bands with a strong female presence. With a striking combination of fresh beats and strong talent, immerse yourself in a multi-genre experience, from indie to techno, folk to rock, and many more.

Enjoy our treat for you and happy International Women’s Day!

Listen to the playlist on Deezer, Spotify or Youtube.

image of Nik Drozg
Nik Drozg
Kino Šiška
image of Morlin Adomat
Morlin Adomat
image of Jerrau Oehlers
Jerrau Oehlers
image of Inês Henriques
Inês Henriques
image of Daniel Oszkar Rakos
Daniel Oszkar Rakos
image of Agnieszka Maury
Agnieszka Maury
image of Vladica Mladenovski
Vladica Mladenovski
image of Jean-Michel Bronsin
Jean-Michel Bronsin
image of Vanesa Matošević
Vanesa Matošević
image of Paula Poštolková
Paula Poštolková
Nová Cvernovka
image of Petra Ludvíková
Petra Ludvíková
Palác Akropolis
image of Tamara G. Cascales
Tamara G. Cascales
Sala Apolo