The Liveurope Festival is coming to Skopje on 24-25 November!

Liveurope festival Skopje

The Liveurope Festival is making its comeback this year, and in no other place than in North Macedonia!

Hosted by a different Liveurope venue each year, the event will bring us to MKC, our venue in Skopje, who are welcoming us as part of their 50-year anniversary.

The fourth edition of our flagship annual festival will bring together all Liveurope venues as well as local and international music professionals for music discoveries, discussions on hot issues for the sector, and networking.

The line-up features a diverse range of European artists from North Macedonia, the Balkans and beyond.

The day after the showcase, the Liveurope crew will also join the PIN Conference, one of the leading conferences in the Balkans, where we will be hosting a panel discussion on the challenges to promote new European talent in a post-Covid context.


Thursday, 24 November 2022

11:00-17:00 activities for Liveurope venues’ representatives

For Liveurope members only.

From 19:00 Liveurope showcase @ MKC UPPER FOYER

14 European artists from 7 nationalities will be taking over MKC's stages for a not-to-be-missed evening.


Sitzpinker (SR)


Sidi Wacho (FR)

Lufthansa (MK)


Avelina (MK)

Amelie Siba (CZ)

Kalata (MK)

Dimitra (MK)

Preku Red (MK)

Deva (HU)

Natalee (SR)

Pantaloons (SL)

Dammit I'm Mad (SE)

Friday, 25 November 2022

11:00-14:00: Liveurope Training and coaching sessions for emerging artists @ POCKET CINEMA (by invitation only)

Liveurope is launching a new training programme for artists and their entourage to strengthen the platform’s role as a springboard for new European talent. The goal is to provide knowledge and tools to new European artists playing at the annual rotating Liveurope Festival so they can further advance their international careers. The participants will also benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with some of Europe’s top music venues and get tips on how to best access specific non-national European markets.

Speakers: Hugo Ferreira, Omnichord Records (PT); Oskar Strajn, ESNS (NL); Fernando Bittencourt Hersan, Liveurope (BE)

Trainers: representatives from the Liveurope venues

15:00-16:00: Liveurope panel @PIN Conference - Hit the road, Jacques: boosting new European talent in the post-Covid era

Increasing production costs, lack of technicians and security staff on the market, lower ticket sales... these are just a few of the challenges that music venues are facing as they recover from the pandemic. On top of this, the energy crisis is further increasing the costs of the bills, forcing some music venues to close their doors for a few weeks to put up with the price. How is this situation impacting the tours of artists, especially younger bands which suffered the most from the crisis? Can music venues continue to afford to take risks on new acts at a time when they cannot count on loyal audiences? And what can be done to continue supporting the circulation of talent at EU level? 

Speakers: Elise Phamgia, Liveurope coordinator (BE); Inês Henriques, Booker, Musicbox (PT); Hugo Ferreira, co-founder, Omnichord Records (PT); Dina Jashari, artist (MK); 

Moderator: Matjaž Manček, Kino Siska (SI)