Santeria Toscana 31


About Santeria Toscana 31

Santeria Toscana 31 (formerly known as Santeria Social Club) is a venue in Milan, Italy which opened its doors in November of 2015. It is the second venue owned and operated by Santeria Srl and the result of a public call from the city of Milan which led to the acquisition and complete renovation of an abandoned 1,000 square meter space for arts and culture, just south of the city centre.

The main feature of this young but iconic venue is its hall with a capacity of 560, which was build specifically with live performances in mind. Top of the line materials provide excellent standards for both audio and lights, and the whole venue features the most up to date safety measures. Besides the main room, Santeria Toscana 31 features a 100-seat bistro with a second, smaller stage for showcases and jazz nights, as well as an atelier used for exhibitions and extra activities.

Music, arts and culture are the keystones of Santeria Toscana 31, and their firm belief is that entertainment and culture are complementary terms. 80% of their entire programming is dedicated to live music performances and DJ sets, with live concerts being largely the predominant choice.

Artists and Santeria Toscana 31

Santeria Toscana 31 has quickly become the favorite spot for Italian mid-sized artists to kick-off their tours. Due to previous experience and the ongoing task of probing the independent live music scene for new and exciting artists, the venue has become a benhmark for bands and artists to aspire to. Whenever possible, the programming includes mixed line-ups with opening slots for upcoming artists. Playing at Toscana 31 means counting on a big community of music fans, proper means of communication and promotion and lots of attention from all aspects of hospitality and production.