Kino Šiška

Practical information

Established: 2009

Capacity: 930 (Katedrala hall), 200 (Komuna hall)

As indicated by its name (translated as Cinema Šiška), Kino Šiška was intended for the seventh art from 1961 to 2001, afterwards living on as a venue for various artistic projects. Then, thanks to the bold vision of certain individuals, it was successfully established as a centre for contemporary and urban creativity in Slovenia and the broader region. Even though Kino Šiška’s varied range of performances, film screenings, exhibitions, discussions and other social events represents an important factor in the field of performing and visual arts, it is the music programme that is at the forefront. Legends of alternative music, flagbearers of new indie/pop/rock trends and globally renowned world music and jazz acts, accompanied by constant support for young and promising musicians, help shape the local and regional scene, creating one of the most diverse and potent musical offerings in this part of Europe, evidenced also by the annual MENT Ljubljana festival and conference.


Photo credit: Urška Boljkovac