Established: 2013

Capacity: 750 (Strand) + 250 (Bar Brooklyn)


Debaser joined Liveurope in 2019 and is therefore the platform's newest member. Based in Stockholm, this music venue represents the best of the Swedish live music scene. Although the current venue has been on location since 2013, Debaser has a long history of contributing to the blossoming live music scene of Sweden, with its multiple former locations in beautiful locations in Stockholm and Malmö. Debaser's main focus is to provide opportunities for the best of up-and-coming local and international talent. The city is internationally known for its vibrant recording music scene, and Debaser is one of the key places where some of the best Swedish artists have their chance to play before taking on Europe's stages. Likewise, Debaser's mission matches Liveurope's ambition: to be a concert venue of the highest quality with a focus on bringing fresh new talent to its audiences. 

Likewise, Debaser, along with Vega and Blå is one of the three partner venues of the Above 55° project, an initiative supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and Puls which focuses on increasing the visibility and circulation of promising Nordic music talent from each of the region's countries. The three venues serve as programming experts, promoting their favorite picks to the remaining bookers in the Liveurope network in order to provide the best opportunities for emerging musicians on tour.


© Kristin Karlsson, (Photo provided by Debaser)