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Liveurope at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019

Proud to once again collaborate with Eurosonic, we are happy to update on our activities of the 2019 edition. This year, apart from holding our traditional platform meeting for Liveurope's programmers, we hosted a platform as well as supporting the first ever Music Moves Europe Talent Awards on the night of Wednesday the 16th. The awards, which succeed the previous European Border Breaker Awards (EBBAs) are the new prize from the European Union awarded for the best upcoming pop and contemporary musicians on the European continent. For the full list of winners, visit the MME official webpage.

Panel: Boosting New European Talent on Live Music Scenes by 2021

On Thursday, January 17th, Liveurope and LiveDMA invited a diverse ensemble of speakers that shared their experiences and views on what the live music and concert venue industry of Europe needs in order to improve the support of emerging artists on tour.  This panel bore witness to the positive changes and showed opportunities that initiatives for the betterment of the live music industry have achieved over the past years. 

Initiatives like Liveurope and the LiveDMA network have proved that through the support of concert venues and creating forums for professional exchange have significantly boosted the careers of emerging artists.

But what do artists need to facilitate touring at the start of their international careers? What opportunities do professionals within the live music industry want in order to diversify their repertoire? At this time, when discussions on a dedicated music policy in Europe are moving forward, we must broaden our view and ambition for future artist mobility schemes. 

Anders Tangen of the Norwegian Live Music Association, Frank Kimenai from the Creative Europe Desk Netherlands, David Bali of Hungarian Oncoming Tunes (HOTS) and A38 Ship, and musician Thomas Azier shared their hopes and reflections of why venue collaborations are important and why growing platforms such as Liveurope and networks like LiveDMA is crucial for improving the live sector of the music industry.



 Cover photo credit: © Bart Heemskerk, Eurosonic 2018