Information for Artists

Which concerts are supported by Liveurope?

Liveurope first and foremost a quality label and membership of music venues. Our 16 members are some of the best and most reputable contemporary concert halls in Europe. They were invited or accepted into the platform due to their dedication for booking emerging acts and their reputation of quality. On a local level, all of the Liveurope venues have an iconic status and a strong positive influence on the careers of emerging musicians. Thus, the platform does not support artists directly. Our venues are given a monetary incentive to take the chance to book emerging European acts outside of their geographic comfort zones.

Each venue that is under the quality label of Liveurope has complete autonomy in which act they want to include in their programming. Therefore, a venue has the freedom to continuously discover more new acts and apply their creativity in making the perfect concert agenda for their audiences. Concerts that are labelled as "Liveurope supported" must adhere to a number of criteria that define an "emerging artist" in the context of Liveurope.

What do we want for artists? 

Liveurope wants to increase the circulation of emerging international acts not only among our venues but all throughout Europe. We want to allow our member venues to book more acts that are based outside of their geographic comfort zones and allow artists to reach farther corners of Europe earlier on in their careers and boost the opportunities for touring. Over the past six years, over 2,700 concerts were supported by Liveurope and the number of emerging, non-national European artists and nationalities represented in the concert venues grew by 62% in comparison to the preceeding years. Our mission is to increase the number of venues supported by Liveurope and create new opportunities for cross-border collaboration in pursuit of promoting emerging talent.

Can artists contact venues? 

We also want to connect Liveurope venues to emerging international artists and open doors at the earliest stages of their professional international careers. An interested act is very welcome to send an inquiry and present themselves to our venues via the contact form. However, the programmers may use their discretion and opinion in considering the numerous requests that they receive and an inquiry does not guarantee an offer for a concert.




Cover Photo: ©Barka Fabianova 2018 | Tamino during the Liveurope Festival at Palác Akropolis