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Disclaimer: The deadline for this call has expired and we are no longer accepting applications. Please check our website or contact the coordination unit to find out about future calls for applications for aspiring membership.


When four years ago, 13 concert venues all around Europe joined forces to create a platform that would allow emerging artists to tour internationally, the vision was to progressively include more halls to represent the strength of independent venues and their influence on upcoming music scenes. 

Today, Liveurope unites 14 music venues which have together boosted the circulation of thousands of artists. In pursuit of expanding the network and enticing more venues to diversify their programming of emerging international acts, we are launching an open call for all European music venues to join the membership in an honorary status. 

Below are the terms and conditions of the aspiring membership. To apply, you must fill in the information in the online application form (link below). At final stage of the online application, you will be asked to upload an excel form which includes the list of concerts booked at your venue within the past year. You may download that form here.


About aspiring members 


  • Aspiring members are honorary members of the platform. They are granted an observer status in the platform and have the following tasks and benefits: 
  • Aspiring members are first in the line to become full members when the budget of the project allows it.
  • Aspiring members are awarded with the Liveurope quality label for live music venues committing to European diversity. 
  • Aspiring members have a direct access to the network formed by the 14 full Liveurope members to exchange information & good practices 
  • Aspiring members are welcome to participate to Liveurope meetings & workshops, especially the Liveurope annual event (except for the governance meetings)
  • Aspiring members can develop joint projects with the other Liveurope members (e.g. live music tours with emerging European artists) 
  • Aspiring members can benefit from some of the partnerships of the platform (i.e. potential sponsoring partnerships to be negotiated) 
  • Aspiring members do not have to contribute to the platform with a membership fee. In this respect, they are not eligible to funding from the Liveurope bonus mechanism. Participation to other platform events isn’t covered but highly encouraged. 
  • The status of an ‘aspiring member’ can be renewed every year for a maximum duration of 3 years.


Eligibility Criteria


As aspiring members are members of the platform that could become full members of the platform, they must fulfill a precise set of criteria to ensure that only the best candidates can access the Liveurope label. 

1. Geographical criteria 

  • The venue must be based in a ‘Creative Europe’ Programme eligible country.
  • The venue must be located in an attractive geographical location, susceptible to welcome touring non-national artists (e.g. capital city of the country, or cultural equivalent).
  • In order to increase the geographical representativity of the platform, venues based in countries that are not yet represented in platform are encouraged to apply. 


2. Structural criteria

  • The venue must have a minimum 2 years of existence.
  • The venue’s capacity must be over 150 spectators.
  • The venue must comply with highly professional technical infrastructure (lights, sounds, stage, hosting practice, guest management, health and security, etc.)


3. Programming criteria  (previous year before entering the platform): 

  • At least 30% ‘emerging’ artists  within the overall programming in the last 12 months. 
  • A minimum of 15 concerts involving ‘emerging’ European non-national artists (‘EENNAs’) in the last 12 months. 
  • In this minimum of 15 EENNAs concerts, at least 5 nationalities should be represented. 


4. Communication criteria 

  • Aspiring members commit themselves to promote the Liveurope visual identity in their respective communication.
  • Aspiring members commit themselves to promote the Liveurope quality label and the activities of the platform in their respective communications. 



  • Apply right now by filling the information through the link below and uploading filled out aspiring membership form.
  • Deadline to send all applications: February 22 2019. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by the coordination of the platform and will be submitted to an evaluation by the Liveurope Steering Committee. 
  • The selected venue will be announced during the next platform activities at MIL Lisbon Festival and Conference (27-29 March 2018). The winner of the call will be contacted beforehand. 


Indicative timeline

  • Eurosonic Noordeslag (17th of January 2019): launch of the open call.
  • February 22nd 2019: application deadline
  • March 1st: evaluation of the best applications by the Steering Committee 
  • Mid-March 2019: on-site visit by the coordination to verify the compliance of the venue with the criteria. 
  • MIL Lisbon (27-29 March 2019): announcement of the first ‘aspiring member’ at MIL Lisbon


Download the aspiring membership form
Click here to go to the application page