Liveurope’s Digital Tour: a virtual showcase of emerging European artists

Since the beginning of our platform, not a single year went by that we haven’t taken the occasion of Europe Day to celebrate our continent’s diversity through music, culture and creativity.

This year, despite our venues being closed and many of Europe's internal borders being sealed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we couldn't break the tradition and let the date go by without a proper celebration. Our venues were more eager than ever to continue working together to find different ways to help emerging artists reach new heights.

That is why we organised a virtual tour for 11 promising new artists coming from all corners of our continent - all handpicked by the programming teams of our venues. From Portuguese LGBTI fado to contemporary Norwegian pop, Belgian electro to Slovenian imaginary folk, German indie to Czech techno, and more, these artists embody what makes our European music so diverse and unique.

Throughout four weeks, each artist took over the social media accounts of Liveurope and our venues on a different day at the same time. Who says an artist can't play at 16 venues in 16 different countries at the same time? The Liveurope Digital Tour proved this is possible!

Discover all the artists that took part in the tour and make sure to add the Spotify playlist with their tracks to your music library:


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If Spotify is not available in your country, you can check the tracks on Youtube.

Featured artists

Jump to: Maria Arnal i Marcel Bages (ES) | Walking on Rivers (DE) Coline et Toitoine (BE) Širom (SL) Bratři (CZ) INA WEST (PL) | Fado Bicha (PT) | Дeva (HU) Bartleby Delicate (LU) | FATA BOOM (NL) Closing Eyes (NO)

Showcase #1: Maria Arnal i Marcel Bages (ES) - selected by Sala Apolo


Maria Arnal and Marcel Bages' performances cannot only be measured in terms of their ‘full houses’, but by the number of times they steal and elevate your spirit during each show. Maria’s soulful voice combined with the sober dexterity of Marcel’s guitar, make Iberian folk songs a revelatory life event. The Spanish duo are the first artists to take the virtual stage of Liveurope's Digital Tour 2020.

Showcase #2: Walking on Rivers (DE) - selected by FZW


Inspired by industrial city prairie’s habits Walking On Rivers move between American vastness, Spaghetti Westerns and chivalric medieval melodies. Their early bonfire hymns now give way to more tarantino-esque but catchy Indie arrangements displaying the five piece’s strengths: warm sounds, harmony singing, horns and an easiness that will last throughout the whole day. Somewhat unique and quirky, yet suitable for the bigger audiences. Whether you ride into sunset on the back of a horse or a Vespa, their music carries you away with its punchy rhythms and catchy melodies. And even though Walking On Rivers would prefer a cold pils beer, you can perfectly listen to these exquisite songs sipping from a fancy cocktail drink.

Showcase #3: Coline et Toitoine (BE) - selected by Ancienne Belgique


Let yourself be surprised by Coline & Toitoine, a young Brussels duo with electro-pop sounds, born in 2018. Coline alternates between guitar and ukulele while tastefully singing with her very recognizable warm voice on Toitoine's instrumentals. Toitoine juggles with his multiple synths, percussions and piano. The result is a 100% home-made melting pot, wandering between electro and indie-folk.
The two of them naturally complement each other and release energies that touch you, sometimes inviting you to relax or let you go to melancholy, sometimes dancing on their lively rhythms and heady melodies. With their performances on many Belgian stages such as Ancienne Belgique or La ferme du Biéreau, their streaming platforms with more than 600,000 streams, they are starting to take off this year.
At 20 years old, they have not finished revealing their multiple skills.

Showcase #4: Širom (SL) - selected by Kino Šiška


The intertwining of diverse musical approaches and tools, histories of sounds and unbridled musical imagination and craftsmanship is the expansive guiding principle of the Širom trio. More than a dozen instruments can be found in the repertoire of Iztok Koren, Samo Kutin and Ana Kravanja and at least as many given musical forms that can be perceived as an inspiration behind the character of this ensemble. However, in their practice as well as experiencing they remain anchored in their creative process to an extent that allows them to avoid merely reflecting existing patterns. What this generates in an original, stylistically homogeneous form of expression that oscillates between a wide array of folk sounds and contemporary acoustic rock-style meditations. The end result is grounded yet still mystical minimalism. Širom’s music is contemplative, but can get harder when necessary, it is closer to being band- than chamber-like, to being street as opposed to urban in nature.

Showcase #5: Bratři (CZ) - selected by Palac Akropolis


Bratři are a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiři and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance, techno and ambient. The central driving forces are Jiři’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analogue and modular synthesizers, two captivating streams converging on stage in one uncompromising flow of electrifying energy.

Showcase #6: INA WEST (PL) - selected by Stodola


INA WEST creates trance, new wave electronica with elements of modern Polish folk and jazz. She’s a producer, vocalist, author of music and lyrics, combining the minimalist chill of the sound l from early Depeche Mode combined with the concert energy of Die Antwoord. Her live performance serves a combination of classical instruments - percussion, violin, synthesizers, bass guitar, ukulele - with dance bits and raw vocal harmony.

Showcase #7: Fado Bicha (PT) - selected by MusicBox


Fado Bicha is a music and activism project composed by Lila Fadista (voice) and Joao Caçador (electric guitar and other instruments). The project, in all its aspects (thematic, lyrical, visual, musical), is based on a premise of subversion of the heteronormative rule. Even more so when the reference matrix and the subject they work on is fado, a conservative musical style nourished by a traditionalist form. By altering already sung poems and creating new ones, spaces are created for the experimentation of non-normative narratives regarding gender and sexuality. It is fado in its essence, intense and torn, and it is queer because it uses subversion as the language of identities so little represented.

Showcase #8: Дeva (HU) - selected by A38


Дeva is a fully DIY solo project by the 19 year old Budapest based musician, Dorina Takacs. Music has always played a major role in her life (choirs, bands, and musicals) but she felt it’s time to take matters in her own hands and do everything on her own. She writes and produces her own tracks, and also sings and designs her artworks. Her features are atmospheric smooth sounds, pulsating bass lines and polyphonic mantras inspired by magical Hungarian folk songs. Her solo project aims to knock down barriers between different genres of music and make our spirits soar.

Showcase #9: Bartleby Delicate (LU) - selected by Rockhal


Getting an invitation to play one of your first shows ever as opener for Rodrigo y Gabriela or having musician Tom Rosenthal listening to your music in his playlist of hidden gems is only part of Bartleby Delicate's story.
Starting as a singer-songwriter venture, it has quickly developed into a unique sound laboratory of loops and samples, a feigned band led by the Luxembourg solo artist. Georges Goerens, the nineties boy behind the project, mixes his own cocktail of philosophical phrases, finger picking, and electronics, coinciding with what has been described by listeners as magical music.

Showcase #10: FATA BOOM (NL) - selected by Melkweg


Fata Boom is a collaboration between a Dutch indie producer and a young female singer. They met each other in the studio because of their shared love for hiphop. In the studio they dropped one after another great track. Half a year after their first meet-up, it's time for the world to experience the trippy elektro hiphop by Fata Boom. Their single 'D.D.D. (Drop Down Deep)' sounds a bit like M.I.A., Die Antwoord and Missy Elliot.

Showcase #11: Closing Eyes (NO) - selected by Bla


Closing Eyes surfaced in 2014 as the solo outing of Eirik Asker Pettersen with the EP Melodies for the contemporary mind” – a short, contemplative, psychedelic pop trip. The songs were performed live as a trio. This new, more organic approach made sense and out of that grew Closing Eyes as a band. The trio of Eirik, Magnus and Emilie went in the studio with Emil Nikolaisen of Serena Maneesh to record their debut full length. A collection of pretty sugary pop songs mostly about relationships and lost time. This was aptly titled “Soft Years” and was released on January 12th 2018 on Eget Selskap.