Who we are and what we do

Liveurope is an initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists.

The platform works as a quality label awarded to live music venues committing to European diversity. The objective of Liveurope is to boost the programming of young European acts across the continent and help them reach new audiences. Established in 2014, the Liveurope platform is the first initiative of its kind in Europe.

Who are the Liveurope members? 

Liveurope is a membership organisation, bringing together international concert venues across Europe. The platform is coordinated by Ancienne Belgique, the internationally acclaimed concert venue located in the heart of Europe: Brussels. The member venues are selected for their dedication to booking European talent, as well as their professional infrastructure and international reputation. 


Member venues of Liveurope:

Coordinator: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

  • A38, Budapest, Hungary
  • L'Aéronef, Lille, France
  • Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Spain
  • Blå, Oslo, Norway
  • FZW, Dortmund, Germany
  • Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia   
  • Melkweg, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Palác Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Musicbox, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • Stodoła, Warsaw, Poland
  • Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Village Underground, London, UK

How does Liveurope work? 

Liveurope provides support in the form of a financial bonus to the member venues proportionally to their booking of emerging, non-national, European acts. The function of this mechanism is to give established concert venues the opportunity to programme emerging artists every year.

The venues, in turn, are completely autonomous in their choice of programming and booking artists, as long as these acts are both emerging and European. 

What’s an ‘emerging artist’ in this context?  

In order to be considered as a ‘Liveurope supported’ performance, the artists need to have fulfilled a number of criteria. Firstly, the artists must be based on the European continent, must have proven a dedication and aspiration for an international music career, but may not have been professionally active for over 5 years.

Moreover, the artists in question must have published at most 3 professional studio albums, but must have provided a valid demonstration of a professional entourage. To be eligible in the Liveurope mechanism, the artist in question must be from a country other than the one where the venue is established.

How is the platform organised? 

The Liveurope platform is coordinated by Ancienne Belgique, and it is supervised by a "Steering Committee", composed of 3 platform members, which role is to monitor the activities carried out by the members.

Liveurope Steering Committee members: ​

  • A38, Budapest, Hungary
  • L'Aéronef, Lille, France
  • Musicbox, Lisbon, Portugal

In the future, the Liveurope platform aims to expand to include more concert halls across Europe, and become the defining quality label for European concert venues. 

What’s the “Creative Europe” programme? 

The aim of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union is to support European cultural, creative, and audio-visual sectors. Liveurope, being one of the first initiatives co-financed by this programme, has the responsibility of bringing new artists and music to new audiences across European borders, supporting emerging musicians in their artistic career. 

What are our results so far?

Two years after the launch of the initiative, the results are undeniably positive. 837 bands from 36 different countries (from the EU and its neighborhood) have been showcased to local audiences in the 13 venues currently composing the platform. This represents a 20% raise compared to the already very encouraging results from the first year.


Liveurope makes a clear different in terms of the programming of the member venues. While they used to book about young European artists per year, this figure is now closer to 35 shows. This represents a 50% increase on up-and-coming European talent in two years.


Looking at the diversity of the programming, 12 different European nationalities are represented in the annual programmes of the Liveurope members, which points at significant signs of progress after two years of activity.

Photo Credits :

Slider: Nejc Ketis

Article illustration: Nejc Ketis