Sabam and Liveurope launch a new grant for Belgian artists

A partnership to support Belgian up-and-coming talent in Liveurope

Liveurope is proud to announce our collaboration with Sabam For Culture. Together, we want to lend a helping hand to all members of Sabam who tour in concert halls of Liveurope. 

As of now, Belgian bands that are members of Sabam are eligible for additional support from the organization. The support relates to covering the costs of concerts of artists and bands from Belgium, in the case that they are booked to tour a Liveurope venue. 

This type of support is immense, as bands that are at the beginnings of their international touring careers are often burdened by the significant costs of transportation, accommodation, promotion and related contributions that they're required to invest in order to reach new audiences. 

Liveurope directly supports venues that book emerging international acts to ease the potential financial that this progressive approach to programming entails. Now, Sabam will lend a hand in supporting the bands that tour our venues as to provide an even greater support, allowing the venues to book Belgian acts with confidence, and allowing Belgian artists to be discovered outside their borders.

If you're a Belgian artist interested in this initiative, please take a look on here for conditions of support.






Photo: Brutus plays at A38 © David Bajcsi