Recap of MIL 2018 4-5-6 April

The second annual MIL - International Music Network in Lisbon, Portugal, organized by CTLisbon (Musicbox) and Gato Loco Productions gathered hundreds of music industry professionals, artists, and cultural policy experts for three days of talks, panels, debates, and some great sounds from all over the globe. Located in one of Europe's culturally most progressive and vibrant cities, MIL welcomed Liveurope to represent our practical solution to cultural exchange within Europe. We shared our mission of immersing international audiences in new music acts in Europe by hosting a presentation dedicated to showcasing Liveurope's results over the past three years. 

The professional conference hosted over a dozen segments relevant to the music industry. Liveurope moderated the panel titled "The importance of venues in the cultural fabric of a city". The fantastic turnout of delegates at the panel showed that this discussion is still absolutely relevant on the live music and cultural landscapes. The panelists included Sérgio Hydalgo from Galeria Zé dos Bois, Philip Kolvin QC, Former Charmain of London’s Night Time Comission, and Audrey Guerre from Live DMA, a European network focused on promoting and defending the live music sector, while Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), an established artist that continues to prefer tours around small and medium-sized venues gave his personal perspective on creating music and benefiting from venues. 

Music Moves Europe was a higlighted panel topic during MIL. This is a pivotal time in the European music scene. Culture is back in the viewpoint of the European Union. Now is the time that each part of the music sector builds strong bridges with each other as to strenghten our entire sector's visibility and highlight the immense significance that music has on European economy, identity, culture and education. The high-level speakers who gave their thoughts on EU's ambitious strategy to support the music sector rightfully well received, due to their ability to make the complexity of cultural funding on a European level so graspable to an eager audience of professionals from different segments of our large music sector. 

Besides a fantasticly organized conference event, we were also excited to be able to discover over 70 different music artists. You can find out more about the lineup by following this link.


Photography by: Alfonso Carqueijeiro | MIL