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Rockhal Luxembourg Concert

Established: 2005
Capacity: 6,500 (main hall and box), 1,100 (club), 250 (the floor), 180 (Rockhalcafe) 


The Rockhal is one of the most iconic concert halls in Luxembourg and in the Benelux. Existing for a mere 10 years as a venue, Rockhal’s dedication to an internationally diverse music scene quickly built it into a cultural driver of the region. Luxembourg’s Rockhal artistic programming features over 100 international concerts annually, earning its reputation for championing the emerging music scene of Europe. Rockhal is a co-founding member of Liveurope, and a former member of the steering committee of the platform.

Practical information

Liveurope concerts at Rockhal

In a post-millennial culture where emerging talents are schooled from an increasingly young age, breeding a certain uniformity of phrasing and technique, Rag‘n’Bone Man arrives as an impulsive antidote, connecting with people on a more direct nigh on spiritual level.