Liveurope festival 2017

Sep 20 2017
Palác Akropolis
Czech Republic
Practical information


For the second consecutive year, Palac Akropolis presents a one of a kind event with its Liveurope festival. Between the venue’s Great Hall, its Theater Bar and its Small Stage, the Prague audience will get to discover a sample of the best new European musical talent.



Warhaus (BE) 

Warhaus is Maarten Devoldere (Balthazar). Exuding Gainsbourg, Cohen, decadence & smoke, Warhaus submerges into contradictory & fleeting reflections on fateful encounters. Debut album “We Fucked a Flame into Being” was released in September 2016.

Indian Askin (NL) 

Nu-punk with a good dollop of psychedelica, that’s how you’d describe Nederland’s pride, Indian Askin, in one sentence! They were already labeled “Sound of 2015” last year by 3FM, this year they put out an excellent debut: ‘Sea of Ethanol’ (release: 15/04 via Warner). This slightly eccentric band already grabbed attention last year with top single ‘Answer’ and, aside from 3FM, De Wereld Draait Door also revealed itself to be a big fan.

Mirel Wagner (FI)

Mirel Wagner is young singer/songwriter, born in Ethiopia and raised in Espoo, Finland. Since age 16 she's writing gloomy Blues and Folk songs, stripped down to the bone. It's just about her airy but rough voice and a minimalistic guitar picking. 

Bad Karma Boy (SK) 

Coming straight from Bratislava, Bad Karma Boy is alternative pop band with a melancholic touch. They have already taken over Slovakia with their first album that was nominated for the price of Best Album of the Year and their second one promises them a rosy future. 

Belau (HU)

In the world of Belau a constant buoyant mood and a sense of optimism meets innovative electronic beats. The message of Belau is a simple one: leave the busyness and monotony of everyday life behind, get rid of our barriers, and experience every moment to its fullest. Belau takes their listeners to cheerful places, filled with sunshine, where one can relax, unwind and find peace and harmony. 

Bruno Belissimo (IT)

Bruno Belissimo is a Canadian Dj/Producer and Multi-instrumentalist. In recent years, Bruno got interested in electronic music, and began to produce his first tracks pouring the foundation of his own style, made by refined disco programming and groovy bass lines with a unique playing and sound.

DJ La Flama Blanca (PT) 

Also known as the cumbia doctor of Lisbon, La Flama Blanca is a music activist enamoured with the psychedelic sounds of the 60s from the Peruvian jungle and of  Columbian big-bands. A resident of the Baile Tropicante nights at Musicbox, he has already played in Spain, France, Holland and the most prestigious festivals and venues of Portugal.