Sep 13 2018
Kino Šiška

One of the most intriguing regional acts right now, Croatian emo-macho group Svemirko, whose fresh sound and unforgettable concert performances swept up listeners and critics alike, is coming back to Ljubljana to present its heavily anticipated second album.

Svemirko is everything you could want and get from a pop band. It's a Croatian macho with emotions. It's the mystery of the cosmos in the palm of your hand, if only you dare take it. It's eclectically avant-garde dance punk that immediately worms its way into your ear. It's the 1980s as remembered by those who were born after 1990. It's synths and sentiment. It's a perfectly balanced combination of feelings, knowledge and quality. It's a Balkan Mac DeMarco drinking with Ariel Pink in Darko Rundek/s tavern. It's a "wedding band on too much cocaine" (Radio Študent). It's a night-time fling in broad daylight. It's dropped pants onstage and jaws hitting the floor below. It's Marko, Antonijo, Marin, Branimir and Bojan. It's a new album and old hits. It's the smell of Vanilija and it's Tunguzija. It's unmissable. It's MENT Ljubljana in February and Level Up last year. And it's Kino Šiška in September.