The Homesick

Nov 04 2018
Kino Šiška

The Homesick, home from a remote Dutch town where St. Boniface was slaughtered a little over 1200 years ago, headed off on their first tour of the Netherlands before they were old enough to buy beer. But it’s not like they even needed it – their loud, yet incredibly catchy exploration of pop melodies under the influence of artists such as Pixies, Deerhunter and Ariel Pink amazed crowds at Incubate and Le Guess Who? festivals without any problem. Last year, they released their full-length debut Youth Hunt, which received praise from renowned international media, for example GigwiseDrowned in SoundClash Music and The Quietus – the latter even wrote that the group has “the potential to be one of the great pop bands, if they stick at it“.

The trio has also performed at festivals such as SXSW, The Great Escape, Tallinn Music Week and Waves Vienna, as well as supported Franz Ferdinand. In Ljubljana, we first got to know them at last year’s MENT Ljubljana, then again about six months later at a headline gig at Metelkova. They left us gasping for more at both occasions, which is why it’s finally time for them to pay a visit to Šiška as well.