Benjamin Clementine

Sep 05 2017
Kino Šiška
Practical information

 A vocalist in the range of Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone, with the passion of Edith Piaf. A favourite of Paul McCartney, Zane Lowe and David Byrne. The recipient of the prestigious British Mercury Music Award and the French Grammy Award equivalent. One of the most influential British people, according to several publications. One of the geniuses who defined culture in 2016, according to the New York Times. The voice selected by Damon Albarn to herald this year's comeback by Gorillaz. 

When British singer, multi-instrumentalist and poet Benjamin Clementine was wandering around the streets of Paris as a homeless teenager, busking to survive, he probably had no inkling of the honours and success coming his way. But it took just his first EP, the humble Cornerstone, with a mere three songs, to vanquish all doubt: the young man is one of the most unique talents of his time, leaving even the most hardened of music critics speechless with his incredible tenor and instrumental mastery. His original ballad pop with a hint of classical grandeur, tailored with an exceptional feeling for dramatic arcs and overflowing with emotion, is in a class by itself, just like Clementine's inspirations ANOHNI and Rufus Wainwright, just to name a few.