FZW concert
Practical information

Established: 1968
Capacity: 1,000 (main hall), 300 (club)

Located in one of the cultural epicentre regions of Germany, Dortmund’s FZW is a music venue most dedicated to an international exchange of culture. FZW’s objective is bringing different music genres closer to a wider variety of audiences, ranging from different youth and pop culture genres and acts in the international music scene. The dedicated programming of FZW hosts over 250 events annually, both in the venue’s main hall and club area.

Photo Credit: FZW

Liveurope concerts at FZW

It's the perfect sound of upcoming autumn. Austrian's CULK gives you broken melody breaks and matching vocals. For us, this means a hypnotic trance of modern Vienna that escalates as soon as experienced live.
October marks the four-piece band revolution at Liveurope, continuing with French garage-pop Juniore. Modern take on the 60s with soothing vocals is what made this act one of the best representations of what's coming out of France this season.
Swedish band "Small Feet" is reminding us why folk is one of the purest, most heartfelt genres that will always remain timeless. This trio gives a thoughtful performance of classic drums, powerful vocals, and the perfect springtime concert.  Do not miss at FZW this April.