Cocaïne Piss

Feb 03 2018
Practical information

A punk band in the old tradition of simplicity and aggressiveness of the genre, but with a great little twist: a bit of tenderness. Cocaine Piss is lead by a female singer, Aurélie, playing with three guys, Yannick, Julien and Mathias. A high-pitched voice and voluntarily basic riffs would place Cocaine Piss within the immediate and urinary vicinity of Pissed Jeans, while saturated guitar sound, apoplectic drums, crazy singing on melodies that do not extend over 120 seconds make them an speeding version of the Butthole Surfers. They are now well accustomed to Liveurope, as they toured in several of our venues (see their recent trip to Lisbon below). Be sure to see them if you're around Oslo!