Ancienne Belgique

Practical information


Capacity: 2,000 (main hall), 250 (club)
Established: 1979

Ancienne Belgique is the founder and coordinator of Liveurope and is thus the driving force behind the platform. Boasting both a large club and a concert hall with a capacity of over 2,000 people, it is also one of the most internationally acclaimed concert venues in Europe and plays an important role for both established and emerging musical talents. Ancienne Belgique has acknowledged its reputation and responsibility of acting as the crucial platform for European music. Its location, in the heart of Europe, is central to artists touring the continent. As coordinator of Liveurope, AB is part of the steering committee of the platform.

Photo credit: kmeron / Flickr / Creative Commons

Liveurope concerts at Ancienne Belgique

IAMDDB is one of the most self-assured artists of her generation, she proved that over the past 2 years with the EP’s ‘Waeveybby, volume 1’ and ‘Vibe, volume 2’. The 21-year-old vocalist from Manchester has made her mark with her music, by mixing trap with hip-hop, soul and urban jazz.