Liveurope x by:Larm festival & conference 2017

Liveurope is back in Oslo for the much-awaited Norwegian music showcase by:Larm between March 2nd and March 4th 2017. Literally translated, “noise in the city”, by:Larm digs out and reveals emerging talent from the Nordic music scene and beyond.

Spread over the entire city, by:Larm will also settle in Blå this year. The perfect occasion to join us for a series of gigs supported by Liveurope with artists coming from Iceland (the new-wave and post-punk Fufanu) or Sweden (Viagra Boys) and Finland (Man Duo), but also Hungary (Kornel Kovac), Belgium (Cocaine Piss), Holland (Klangstof) and the UK  (Shame, Matt Karmil).  Full line-up and details here or here

But by:larm is also the time to talk serious business. Liveurope will join a panel on “profitable Nordic collaborations” on March 3rd .

While there may already be a lot of musical collaborations across the Nordic borders (genre-supporting organizations, export bureaux …), what’s lacking is a network of venues and promoters from the Nordic countries collaborating and getting the most out of all the funding possibilities and touring bands. This will be the issue tackled in this session, introduced by Eline Sigfusson (Nordic Culture Fund) and Elise Phamgia (Liveurope). 




Photo credit: Kim Erlandsen