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Liveurope at PrimaveraPRO 2018

Liveurope is once again a part of the PrimaveraPRO's International Concert Venues Congress, which will take place 1st of June. PrimaveraPRO is an annual international conference for music industry professionals around the globe held in Barcelona, Spain that runs parallel to the PrimaveraSound festival. The Concert Venues Congress programme is organized within the professional conference and gives a platform for discussions about the developments within the live music sector.


Music Moves Europe: The future of funding for the sector at EU level.

This year, on June 1st Liveurope is highlighting the ever important developments in public support of the European music sector by following up on the developments of Music Moves Europe. The music sector in Europe accounts for 1 million jobs and a turnover of 25 billion euros, making it one of the most dynamic cultural and creative sectors. Through realization of a tangible dedicated programme in the European union after 2020, the poential of this industry can be fully unleashed.

Music Moves Europe, an initiative advocating for tackling the main challenges of the entire music sector, was initiatied by the European Commission in 2016, with the preparatory action put into action in February of 2018, when the European Parliament released funds to test suitable ideas and actions that could materialize into a targeted funding envelope for the music sector by 2021. This is could be a turning point for the European music industry; A fully-fledged programme could considerably boost the European music's competitiveness, diversity and talent.

The panel will feature representatives of the European music industry, but also delegates from the European institutions. The platform will be open to discuss future strategies and developments of music funding on a European level.






Photo by: Paco Amate