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Liveurope: Live in Oslo is the pioneering music festival for concert venues

September 13th to 14th, 2018 marked a breakthrough weekend for the Liveurope platform. Blå, Oslo was the first venue that hosted representatives from all of 14 venues under the quality label of Liveurope, and plunged them into the world of the best up-and-coming acts from Scandinavia, initiating a festival format that will travel to a new destination every year and bring music venues closer to new international acts.


Liveurope Festival: Live from Oslo is the next level for the European live music industry

Championed by Blå's programming team, bookers and promoters from all over the continent were given the opportunity to discover some of the best emerging Norwegian acts, giving them a chance to boost their international performing careers. Artists like MOKRIPURPURRPURPLEDJ OKLOUSÂVERNYLENDAHYSJDE UNDERJORDISKE and WHALESHARKATTACKS were some of the bands who took the stage at Oslo's most iconic music venue during Oslo Culture Nights, and European concert-goers will soon have the chance to see them live at their favorite venues. 



Liveurope has supported over 1830 acts in four years. Together, they make up 38 nationalities.

The delegates of Liveuropes' programming and promotion teams were hosted by Music Norway for a presentation of results and a panel on the future of Liveurope during their Apent Hus event. The teams were kindly welcomed by Rina Mariann Hansen, Oslo's Vice Mayor and City Counselor for Culture, Sport and Volunteering, who has directly witnessed what a profound impact development of music venues can have on the benefit of a city and its inhabitants. Hansen reminded us why Oslo is nicknamed the "Scandinavian capital of concerts", and encouraged the delegates to continue their positive work in developing the European music scene.


"Music is closely related to identity. It has something to do with who we are and who we want to be. Music helps to break barriers and creates stronger communities - it is simply very important in people's lives." - Rina Mariann Hansen, Vice Mayor of Oslo, City Counselor for Culture, Sport and Volunteering. 


The platform has proved its worth as an incentive. Since the Creative Europe programme enabled the platform's launch in 2014, Liveurope's influence on the careers of up-and-coming talent quickly became directly tangible. The 14 venues, spanning every corner of the European continent, have to date hosted more than 1830 Liveurope supported acts, which represent 38 nationalities. This trailblazing initiative that paved the road for a new method of booking around Europe has now officially set the standard of quality programming in music venues.  In comparison of only four years since the start of Liveurope, there has been an increase of booking emerging European non-national acts by 63%, and the number of nationalities represented in these bands have nearly doubled. Presenting the results to the Norwegian music export office, Music Norway, Liveurope demonstrated through collected figures what a powerful tool this network can be, pointing to the fact that the amount of Norwegian artists touring in Liveurope venues has increased by 400 per cent since the first year. 


"This increase of nationalities, genres and languages over four years of Liveurope shows how the European live music industry is dedicated to quality. This is a direct result of the exchanges work relationships built through the network. We now have concrete proof that initiatives like Liveurope are a direct solution for bringing quality music across borders to new audiences." - Jana Graso, Communications & Development Coordinator, Liveurope.



Future of the Liveurope Festival

After its first successful edition, the Liveurope festival travels on to its next destination on the European continent, at a different Liveurope venue. Next year promises yet another round of even more artists, more nationalities, and more chances for artists all around Europe to have a direct connection to the curators that bring new, fresh sounds to some of the world's most beautiful cities and hungriest audiences. The platform has kicked off its second funding mandate with immense success and each year to come promises a contribution to the European live music industry.


Photographer: Ana Viotti Ⓒ