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This website is the product of a co-funding agreement established between the European Union and Ancienne Belgique VZW. Liveurope is is a not-for-profit initiative and makes no commercial use of the content of the website. All requests related to ticketing, tours, or specific concert information must be addressed to the venues where the concerts are held.

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All photo and video credits are displayed, when available, on the web page where the visuals are used.

Mis-crediting notifications or takedown requests can be addressed to contact(a) It should be noted that the content is used solely as illustration for the articles and does not serve a commercial purpose. 

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We at Liveurope hope to connect audiences to new, international music. We do this by communicating about the role of live music in Europe, activities of our members and our platform, as well as our participation in international music events. The information that is disseminated through Liveurope is solely meant to inform our subscribers about our efforts towards our mission. The information you provide us with (your e-mail address) to support us will never be shared with any third parties or be used for any other purpose besides the ones previously specified. 

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