From Groningen to Ljubljana: our festival circuit in January

This was Eurosonic and Ment 2018!

In January, Liveurope inaugurated the festival season at ESNS with a panel on the role of European projects to structure the industry.  A topic we addressed with fellow projects Live Style Europe, Keychange and ETEP. We also attended for the first time MENT (31 Jan- 2 Feb), the showcase festival on the rise organized by our Slovenian member venue Kino Šiška.  As a hot spot for Eastern European acts and professionals alike, the festival was the perfect place to do our first platform meeting of the year on Thursday February 1st.  

Also in the agenda at MENT, the first speednetworking session with our bookers on February 2nd and the follow-up to the conversation on the Music Moves Europe initiative in the conference part of the festival.


Copyright: Siese Veenstra

ESNS panel presented by Liveurope:  European music projects: state of play and future perspectives

Fri 19 Jan 
De Oosterpoort, B3 - Panel Room
13:30 - 14:30

In a complicated political context for the EU with Brexit looming, music industry players keep on reinforcing their ties at the European level regardless. Live venues, festivals, labels, export offices are gathering to work together as part of the Creative Europe programme, on topics as varied as artist mobility, circulation of repertoire, education or innovation. This panel will offer a panorama of the key European projects in the music ecosystem and their role to structure the industry. What goals do they project? What new opportunities could appear for music through a potential European music policy in 2021?

Speakers: Anders Tangen – NKA (NO) ; Elise Phamgia – Liveurope (FR) ; Ruud Berends – Buma Cultuur (NL) ; Vanessa Reed – PRS Foundation (GB) ; Moderated by Fabien Miclet – Independent European Affairs Consultant (FR) 



Ment Festival - Fourth edition - ( 31 Jan to 2 Feb) 


Ment Platform Meeting (Invitation Only) - Thursday February 1st

Speednetworking: Meet Liveurope

Friday, 2 Feb, 10:00 @ Komuna

Liveurope is an initiative supporting 14 concert venues around Europe in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists. Liveurope provides support in the form of a financial bonus to the member venues, proportionally to their booking of emerging European acts. Eligible artists for the Liveurope project can’t have been professionally active for more than five years, must have published three professional studio albums at most, and must have proven a dedication and aspiration for an international music career.

Seize your chance to meet venues all around Europe for your next touring adventure, especially if you or your artist fulfill the Liveurope criteria.

Participating venues: Kino Šiška (SI), A38 (HU), L’Aéronef (FR), Sala Apolo (ES), Blå (NO), FZW (DE), Melkweg (NL), Palác Akropolis (CZ), Musicbox (PT), Rockhal (LU), Stodoła (PL), Vega (DK), Village Underground (UK), Ancienne Belgique (BE)



(c) Maša Gojić



Music Moves Europe panel

Friday, 2 Feb, 13:30 @Komuna

What if there was a music policy at European level? Over the last two years, the European Commission has been speaking with representatives of the industry to tackle its greatest challenges and how to best address them in a potential support program by 2021. An initiative that is materializing today as the European Parliament adopted a preparatory action to carry forward this dialogue in the next 3 years. So what’s in store for the sector at large and what are the next steps ahead? MENT will be one of the hubs covering this major topic for the future of the European music sector. 

Speakers: Mateja Demšič – Ljubljana Cultural Department (SI) ; Matthieu Philibert- Impala (FR) ; Helen Sildna – Tallinn Music Week (EST); Elise Phamgia – Liveurope (FR); Moderated by Fabien Miclet (FR ) 



(c) Maša Gojić