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What do Liveurope members do? 

Liveurope members are concert venues in Europe who have a dedication for supporting emerging European artists and a drive for a greater diversity in programming. The professionals working our venues put prioritize the improvement of the overall quality of the live music industry through cross-border collaboration. Further, the members put emphasis on creativity and exchanges of best practices during our biannual platform meetings and workshops. Liveurope currently supports 14 such music venues in 14 European countries

What is the role of programmers? 

Programmers in Liveurope venues are music experts on both a local and an international level. The bookers meet and exchange ideas about booking strategies, advise each other on best new emerging local and international artists, suggest lineups for venue festivals, and talk about best practices on a business and management level, all with the overall goal of improving the quality and diversity of the live music industry in Europe. 

How does a venue join Liveurope? 

The platform, coordinated by Ancienne Belgique, grew its current membership by observing the venues that have demonstrated the keenest aspiration for increasing the diversity of their programming. The objective of Liveurope is to offer bonuses to member venues to allow them to take booking risks and include more foreign emerging artists in their programming. There is no formal application process for becoming a Liveurope member. If you are interested in joining the platform, the first step is to contact the coordination team for more information.

Liveurope recently launched a call for aspiring membership. Aspiring members have an observer status in the platform and are the next in line to ascend to full membership when funding permits it.

What is the goal of Liveurope?

The ultimate goal of Liveurope is to grow the membership of the platform and in that way, boost the careers of emerging European artists, bring new fresh international acts to some of Europe's most beautiful cities, and allow independent music venues to show the musical richness of Europe. Since 2014, we have increased both the diversity and the programming of emerging acts in our venues by 62%, and supported nearly 2,000 concerts by thousands of acts from all over the continent. Our ambition is to consist of a membership representing as many quality European venues that wish to be key players in boosting the careers of international emerging talent.

More information about our individual venues can be found here.

Photo Credit: © Alipio Padilha 2016 for Musicbox