Europe Day 2017: all our Liveurope events

Liveurope is proud to present the third edition of its “Europe Day” event, its annual celebration for European talent in 2017.

This event is the opportunity to bring the public together around the values of exchange and diversity, and to celebrate Europe in music.

This year, the event will be hosted by Ancienne Belgique, FZW, and L'Aéronef.

So whether you’re in Lille, Brussels, or Dortmund, whether you like Portuguese electro funk, Dutch psych rock, Norwegian noise (or even better want to discover all of the above), you know what’s left to do!

More Europe Day concerts are about to be announced with Liveurope soon – Stay tuned!


Additional information:

Europe Day at Ancienne Belgique on May 11th: Carpenter Brut (FR) + Meteor Musik (BE) + Aiming For Enrike (NO). 

Liveurope Day at FZW on May 6th: Bounty Island (NL) + Camp Claude (FR) + Newmoon (BE).

Europe Days at l’Aéronef on May 12th: White Haus (PT) + Exchampion (DE) + Uffalo Steez (HU)